To consult online

For reasons connected to the author's right, only the clandestine press of both world wars and the censured press of the First World War are available on this website. The censored press of the Second World War is available in the reading room of the CEGESOMA. There are two search methods: on title and by means of a search term.

  1. Search on title. Select ‘browsing’. Then choose from the alphabetical list the title of the newspaper of one of the two World Wars that you wish to consult. You will then see a calendar which indicates on which day or in which period (it is not always possible to establish the exact date of clandestine newspapers) the paper was published. Click on the date or dates and you can read the paper by clicking on its image. In this pdf-document it is possible to search on words.
  1. Search all the newspapers in the database (full text) by introducing a search term. Select ‘search’. Type a search term (for instance Hasselt, Nationale landbouw- en voedingscorporatie) which allows you to search one newspaper or the whole collection. All digital data have been adapted with a programme for text recognition. Taking the sometimes precarious condition of the newspapers into account, the margin of error can be high. This search method is therefore not fully reliable, but more of an introductory nature.